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The Structure Improvement of the Jaw Crusher’s Mainframe

Jul 23 2014

According to the force analysis of the jaw crusher’s mainframe, we can know that the mainframe suffers a big stress on the toggle seat. Besides, some parts of the mainframe waste too many materials. So we have to modify the parameters of the mainframe. Compared to the original mainframe, the pressure on the toggle seat reduces much, its safety factor is increased, and the weight of the mainframe is reduced. The improvement effect is good. I will introduce the structure improvement of the jaw crusher’s mainframe in detail as follows:

1. Since the maximum stress of the mainframe is at the toggle seat, and the stress is much larger than the yield stress. So we need to improve the structure of the back wall. We can increase the front panel and the back panel of the toggle seat. At the same time, remove the two rib plates and add four rib plates between the front panel and back panel of the toggle seat to reinforce the strength of the elbow at the seat and reduce the stress.

2. The bracket force is added on the toggle seat though the adjusting shim. So its force area is the area of the adjusting shim. As the original shim is narrow, so the stress is too big to easily make the elbow seat deformed. Now the width of the shim is increased, but do not change the total stress on it, effectively reducing the effects of stress on the toggle seat.

3. According to the force analysis of the jaw crusher’s mainframe, we can know that the stress of the front and back walls is small, so they have big stress space. We can reduce the thickness of the side plate of the front wall and back wall, the thickness of the front wall’s vertical rib plate, and the thickness of the front wall’s horizontal rib plate, in order to reduce the weight of the mainframe.

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