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How Does Hard Stone Jaw Crusher Work?

Jan 21 2015

When hard stone jaw crusher works, its mobile jaw plate makes periodic reciprocating motion around the fixed jaw plate, sometimes near and sometimes leaving. When the mobile jaw plate approaches the fixed jaw plate, material between the two jaw plates is squeezed, broken, and crushed; when the mobile jaw plate leaves the fixed jaw plate, crushed material between them is released because of the gravitation. Hard stone jaw crusher mainly has two types: simple pendulum hard stone jaw crusher, and compound pendulum hard stone jaw crusher. How so they work? This article will give you a specific introduction.

Simple pendulum hard stone jaw crusher

Its mobile jaw plate is hung on the shaft, which can swing side to side. When the eccentric shaft rotates, the connecting rod makes reciprocating motion. And the two thrust plates also do reciprocating motion driven by the connecting rod, which promotes the mobile jaw plates making reciprocating motion from right to left, realizing material breaking and unloading. Simple pendulum hard stone jaw crusher uses double-crank connecting rod mechanism. Although the mobile jaw plate bearing a big crushing reverse force, the eccentric shaft and connecting rod suffer small force. In addition, when simple pendulum hard stone jaw crusher works, every point of the mobile jaw plate moves around the shaft. The diameter of the motion trail is equal to the distance from the point to the axis, so that the upper arc is small and the lower arc is big. Its crushing ratio is general 3-6, which is relative low.

Compound pendulum hard stone jaw crusher

Its mobile jaw plate is directly hung on the eccentric shaft, so it is directly driven by the eccentric shaft. There is a thrust plate on the bottom of the mobile jaw plate, which is installed on the mainframe and used to supporting the mobile jaw plate. When the eccentric shaft rotates, the mobile jaw plate on the one hand swings circularly, and on the other hand moves up and down around the fixed jaw plate. Every point of the mobile jaw moves in a different way. The upper end of the mobile jaw plate is bound by the eccentric shaft, so its trajectory is close to the arc. The trajectory of mobile jaw plate’s middle part is oval. The ellipse is longer for the lower part of the mobile jaw plate.

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