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Coal Ash Dryer

To dry all kinds of coal materials like raw coal, slurry, coal ash, coal dust and coal cinder, etc

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Coal Ash Dryer

Cylinder capacity:1.69-176.6m3

Production capacity:0.5-40t/h

Processible materials:coal ash, fly ash, coal slime, coal powder,etc.

  • Coal
  • Coal mine
  • Wet slime
  • fly ash
  • more
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Introduction of coal ash dryer

The coal ash dryer is one of the main dryers among the dryers series of our company. It is suitable for drying granular,pasty,and powdery materials such as coal ash, semi-coke, lignite(wood coal),etc. It has special drying effect for coal ash, semi-coke and lignite.

Notice for designing coal ash dryer

1. The control of initial moisture content. The water content of wet coal ash discharged from power plant is generally about 45%. The immediate drying will increase the production cost and cause great pressure to the equipment. We can put them in a well-ventilated place for 15 days or so to reduce moisture to 20%, and then process them.

2. The selection of dust collector. In the condition of negative pressure,the dryer coal ash is easily to be taken away by the airflow because of fine particles and light density, which lead to changes in fluid medium. Thereby, the dust collector should be chosen based on the above process state.

3. Dry material conveying equipment should be carefully sealed.

4. The choice of hot blast stove. Hot blast stove should choose the furnace type with high efficiency and easy operation.


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