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Regular Inspection and Maintenance of Sawdust Dryer

Jul 14 2014

Sawdust dryer’s regular inspection can help to maintain the overall performance of the dryer, keep a good drying effect, and prolong the service life of the dryer. So what components of the sawdust dryer need regular inspection and maintenance? I will do a detailed summary in the following.

1. Regularly inspect the circulating fan and see whether there is material or dust adhesion phenomenon or not. If there is, clean it immediately, or its circulating air volume will be reduced, the load of fan will increase, and the service life of fan will be shortened.

2. Clean up the inside attachments of sawdust dryer, especially, the cylinder wall of the rotary drum.

3. Maintenance of heating machine. For electric heating elements, check the wiring connectors of the heating machine and see whether they are solid. Besides, clean up the dust on the connector to prevent short circuit; For the steam or thermal oil heating machine, clean up the dirt on the surface of the heating machine to avoid lowering its working efficiency, and check all the joins of pipes and see whether they are loose or not.

4. Regular maintenance of all transmission components. Add lubricating oil for the bearing. Check the bearing and see whether they can rotate smoothly or not.

5. Check the wearing parts to see whether they are worn or not,

6. Check the electrical control components and see whether they are failure of aging or not.

7. For mesh belt dryer, you should regularly clean up its mesh bag.

8. Check the tension of the belt and adjust the pulley.

9. Check the sawdust dryer and see whether it is grounded or not to ensure safety in production.

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