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Operating Skills of Sawdust Dryer

Jul 14 2014

Regular operation and routine maintenance have a great significance on the service life of the sawdust dryer. What problems should we pay attention when we use the sawdust dryer? Now let’s summarize it.

1. Don’t feed too much at a time to ensure the dryer unimpeded.

2. Clean up materials on the gauge ring and mud around the tube to ensure even feeding and normal ventilation.

3. Don’t accumulate too much kiln dust in the smoke room to avoid unevenly drying or affecting ventilation.

4. After inspection and maintenance, clean up the bricks and debris remained in the dryer. And take out the deck used in inspection.

5. Before you preheat for the sawdust dryer, make a comprehensive inspection on the liner of the dryer and ensure there is no problem.

6. Check other heat exchanging equipment of all zones and ensure they are reliable.

7. Check the feed tube and see whether it is stable and reliable or not. Ensure its position is right.

8. Check the chains and see whether they are hung in a right way or not. Ensure that they can move freely. Besides, make sure that screws and other connections are secure.

9. Check the thermometers and pressure gauges of the sawdust dryer, and ensure there is no problem.

Make sure there is no problem on the above components, and then the sawdust dryer can start to work now.

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