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Categories of Coal Ash Dryer’s Dust Remover

Jul 15 2014

There are generally two types of dust remover that can be used in coal ash dryer: bag-type dust remover and cyclone dust remover. They have different working principles and different advantages. Now let’s discuss it in detail.

Bag-type dust remover

Bag-type dust remover is generally used as a solid and gas separating machine in coal ash dryer. It is the last line of defense for separating powders left in exhaust gas. When the exhaust gas that contains dust enters into the bag-type dust remover, big and heavy dust will fall down into the ash bucket because of its own weight, while the gas with small and empty dust will continue to rise till they meet the filter. When they go though the filter, the small dust will be left and the gas will be purified. Bag-type dust separator can also re-capture the micropowder that cyclone dust remover can not collect. The structure of bag-type dust remover is simple, and its working efficiency is very high. It is the highest efficient dust separator among all the solid-gas separating equipment, especially when it is used for trapping particles of less 20μm, its efficiency can reach above 99%. However, when it is in working, there are usually some high-temperature solid-gas mixed with mars that bring into the system, and cause an explosion, burning and other accidents.

Cyclone dust remover

Cyclone dust remover is also known as centrifugal separator. I t separate dust from gas by the centrifugal force that produced by the rotating powders. It is widely used in convective drying system. And it is an important device used to collect products. Cyclone dust remover has a simple structure, easy fabrication, and high working efficiency. But, cyclone dust remover is poor at collecting little and small particles, because their weights are too little.

Therefore, in practical applications, we often use bag-type dust remover and cyclone dust remover together. Use their advantages, and avoid their disadvantages to get the good dust removing effect.

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