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Sawdust Dryer’s Preparations before Work

Jul 15 2014

Sawdust dryer is a type of important equipment used for drying wet sawdust. The correct operating of sawdust dryer has a significant effect on the service life and working efficiency of sawdust dryer. I will introduce you several aspects of sawdust dryer that you should pay attention to before starting to use:

1. Before starting sawdust dryer, check its sound and light alarm system and see whether they are normal or not;

2. Check the lubrication of the sawdust dryer’s reducer and transmission parts, and the tightness of the belt to see whether they are meet the production or not;

3. Check the ground protection and motor to see whether their insulation is good or not;

4. Check the welds and operating platform to see whether they are solid or not;

5. Check the overheating alarm device and the safety temperature monitor in hot air chamber to see whether they are normal or not;

6. Check all the protective grilles and see whether they are good or not;

7. Check all operating platforms of sawdust dryer, the guard rails around the ladder and the skidproof steel plate or grating to see whether they are good or not.

If find any problems, solve them immediately. Ensure everything is ok, and then you can start the sawdust dryer.

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