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What Factors Cause the Energy Consumption of Coal Ash Dryer High

Jul 15 2014

Traditional coal ash dryers are all low yields and high energy consumption. What causes these problems? Now let’s discuss it from three specific aspects:

The combustion efficiency of the combustion chamber is low.

Small type coal ash dryer generally depends on people to add coal for the combustion chamber, and fuels are usually unevenly distributed in the furnace. So coal can not contact with air completely and its combustion is inhibited. Besides, adding coal for the combustion chamber is a very tiring thing. So when people fell tied, they always can not promise a even coal feeding. Then the temperature of gas becomes low, and the amount of gas is less and volatile, which are all bed for the work of coal ash dryer.

The design of coal ash dryer’s lifting plate is unreasonable

Materials enter into the coal ash dryer, and are brought at a certain height by the lifting plates and then fall down because of their own weight. At the process of falling down, they contact the hot gas and are dried. The contacting area and time between the materials and hot gas have a big effect on the drying effect. However, the lifting plate’s form of traditional dryer is relatively simple, and when materials rise along with the lifting plates, materials have been unload before they reach the highest point. So there is no material curtain formed on the cross section of the drying, and the heat exchanging efficiency between materials and hot gas is also very poor. Besides, since materials’ falling distance is short, so the heat exchanging time is also short. These two reasons cause that the coal ash dryer is low yields and high energy consumption.

The heat dissipation coal ash dryer’s cylinder is too lot.

The cylinder of the coal ash dryer is made of metal board. Since the insulation material of the traditional coal ash dryer is bed, a lot of calories are dissipated out through the barrel which usually can reach 10% to 20% of the total hot gas, resulting in the energy production and consumption of the dryer does not match.

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