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Reasons Causing Part of Dryer’s Temperature too High

Jul 15 2014

For some dryers, the local temperature of the equipment will be too high during the processing of materials. In response to this phenomenon, dryer experts will give you specific explanations in the following:

Reason1: Coal in the combustion chamber has not burn completely.

If pulverized coal has not burn completely and enter into the dryer’s tube, then it will continue to burn at the bottom or inner tube of the dryer, resulting in part of dryer’s temperature too high.

Reason2: The volume of material feeding is unstable.

Unstable material feeding is easy to disrupt the normal work of the preheater, calciner and drum. If the equipment can not change its operation according to the feeding amount of materials, what’s worse, there are few materials in the dryer but too many coals, the temperatures of dryer’s some parts will be very high.

Reason3: Its discharging is poor.

If the material discharging of dryer is poor, the dried materials can not go out and the wet materials can not enter in, but hot gas can still enter into the equipment as normal, then the temperatures of dryer’s some parts will rise.

To sum up, to prevent dryer’s local temperature too high, when we operate a dryer, we must premise to do the following two aspects: firstly, ensure that pulverized coals can burn completely; secondly, ensure that materials can be feed stably.

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