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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Sand Dryer

Jul 16 2014

Sand drying machine is mainly used for drying particulate materials within a certain humidity range, such as, sand used in dry powder mortar industry, a variety of molding sand used in the foundry industry , blast furnace slag building materials and cement industries, and so on. Now let’s introduce the advantages and disadvantages of sand dryer as follows:


1. It uses wear-resistant manganese plate which is more 3-4 times wear-resistant than the ordinary steel.

2. Its drying effect is obvious. And it can dry wet material containing 15% moisture to a moisture content of 0.5% or less.

3. Sand dryer’s thermal efficiency is 140% higher than the traditional single cylinder dryer.

4. Sand dryer has a wide application. It can be used for drying massive, granular, and powdery materials with 20-40mm.

5. The discharging temperature of its products is less than 60 degrees, so the products can directly put into finished products warehouse instead of cooling shed.

6. Sand dryer is low energy consumption. Its coal consumption is the 1/3 times of monocular dryer, and it can save 40% powder, compared with the monocular dryer.


1. During production, materials is easy on fire in sand dryer’s cylinder, and is charred, losing sand’s value and seriously affecting production. This is because the fire is brought by the hot gas and makes the dried sand on fire.

2. Many sand dryer operators always set the rotating speed of the dryer and the entering speed of the hot gas according to their experience. And they will not adjust them again during production. If sand’s water content changes, but the drying system can not be adjusted timely, then wet or charred sand phenomena may appear.

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