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The Maintenance of Sawdust Dryer’s Ash Separator

Jul 16 2014

Sawdust dryer is a kind of essential dryer equipment in sawdust deep processing production line. It is mainly used for drying sawdust. Ash separator is an important machine for sawdust dryer, and plays a pivotal role in sawdust dryer’s production capacity, energy saving, and its service life. So when we use the sawdust dryer, we must pay attention on the maintenance of sawdust dryer’s ash separator. Next I will tell you some important maintenance methods of ash separator:

1. Right methods to start a sawdust dryer’s ash separator: firstly connect the compressed air into the tank, then switch on the power controller, and finally turn on the ash device. If there are any other devices in the system, start the downstream device first.

2. Solutions to electromagnetic pulse valve failure: firstly check whether there is any water and dirty. If there is, clean them. Then check the membrane. If there are any worn membranes, change them immediately.

3. Formal methods to stop sawdust dryer’s ash separator: If sawdust dryer has finished production, shut down the system but keep the precipitator and exhaust fan to continue to work for a while in order to remove the moisture and dust in the sawdust dryer.

4.The cleaning of ash separator’s tank and air filter: clean the sewage every shifts, and clean the air filter every 3-6 months.

Besides, operators should also pay attention on the regular oil changing of the moving parts, for example, ash transportation device of the precipitator.

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