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What Reasons Make Three-drum Dryer’s Temperature Too High?

Jul 16 2014

When the three-drum dryer have worked for a long time, its motor’s temperature will be too high and may be above the normal standard, which will seriously affect the normal production of the dryer. What reasons make three-drum dryer’s temperature too high? Let’s do a summary in the following:

Reason1: Reversal phenomenon happens on the three-drum dryer’s motor fan and causes the motor temperature rising.

Solutions: At this time, we just need to disconnect the power, and change the motor’s position, so that the fan can run in the right direction, and then the problem is solved.

Reason2: The conductive wire of motor’s heat pipe has been burned out. The heat pipe’s conductive wire is an important part to the motor. If it is burned out, its heat can not be dissipated, and the motor’s temperature will rise above the normal standard.

Solutions: When operators install the heat pipe’s conductive wire, they should use a good quality conduct wire to ensure the safe and stable production of the three-drum dryer.

Reason3: Motor’s heat pipe has been burned out. And the heat produced in the work can not be dissipated immediately. The heat accumulates in the motor and makes its temperature high.

Solutions: At this time, the operator should stop the equipment timely and exchange a new heat pipe, so that the heat can go outside of the motor quickly.

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