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How to Improve the Working Efficiency of Sand Dryer

Jul 16 2014

Sand dryer is mainly used for drying a large amount of materials. As operators, we all want to finish our work with high efficiency and quality. Specifically speaking, how do operators do to improve the working efficiency of the sand dryer? Let's explain it one by one:

1. Evenly feeding. Do not feed materials erratically but evenly.

2. Ensure that the wet materials are not agglomeration but dispersion, so that they can contact the cylinder completely.

3. Ensure the normal temperature of the cylinder. Premise to clean the slag and add coal timely. Besides, the calorie of the coal used in sand dryer must be above 6000kcal.

4. Regularly check the sand dryer. Check the conveyor and all screws and see whether they are loose or not, and check the belt and see whether it is deviate and abnormal or not.

5. Clean up the dryer regularly. During operation, regular clean the falling material at the joint part between the belt and stove.

6. If the fire has not been cleaned, keep a operator on duty to prevent the stove from being on fire and destroying the equipment.

7. Keep all parts are lubricant. Operators must add lubricating oil to the parts timely and ensure the normal use of the device.

8. Regular inspect all the parts and see whether they are missing or not, if they are, replace them immediately.

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