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The Operating Procedure of Sand Dryer

Jul 17 2014

Sand dryer is used for handling large amount of materials, especially river sand, artificial sand, quartz sand, slag and other materials. However, how to operate a sand dryer specifically? A specialized operator will make a report in the following parts:

1. A new sand dryer should test run at lest 4 hours. If any abnormal thing happen during test running, solve it immediately.

2. During test running, firstly test every single ancillary device. If there is no problems, and then test them together.

3. After testing, check all the screws again and see whether they have been tightened or not. Add enough lubrication to the lubrication part, and then wait for a load testing.

4. When you begin to load test the sand dryer, firstly set fire to the stove and preheat the system. At the same time, turn on the sand dryer and keep its drum running.

5. Feed wet materials to the sand dryer, according to the degree of preheating. Then increase you feeding speed and volume. The preheating process of sand dryer needs a period of time, so does the stove, so do not preheat it with a sudden fierce fire. The sand dryer will not be destroyed because of local overheating.

6. In the process of sand dryer working, the mainframe should be filled with enough cooling water, and every lubricating part should be refueled oil promptly.

7. When you stop the sand dryer, you should firstly extinguish the stove, and keep the drum rotating until it is cool. Stopping the sand dryer with a high temperature is forbidden to prevent the drum from bending.

8. If the power is suddenly failure, extinguish fire in the stove immediately, stop material feeding, and rotate the drum every 15 minutes until it is totally cool. This rules should be strictly obeyed, or the drum will bend.

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