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What Causes Materials at Dryer’s Outlet to Overheat

Jul 17 2014

During dryer working, the temperature of the materials at dryer’s outlet may be too high, which is energy wasting. What’s worse, the quality of material may also be seriously affected. So in the following parts, let’s discuses what causes materials at dryer’s outlet overheating.

Reason1: The speed of the hot gas is too slow. When materials are being dried, the outside fog droplet is firstly dried and produces rising swirl which force some dried materials enter into the high temperature zone. So these parts of materials are overheated.

Solution: Make the hot gas move appropriately quicker. Observe the materials and gas’s state though dryer drum’s endoscopic. If there is a swirl, then make the hot gas move faster. Generally speaking, its speed should maintain at about 0.5m / s.

Reason2: The temperature of dryer’s exhausted gas is too high. Since there are always much exhausted gas in the products. If the temperature of the exhausted gas is too high, then the temperature of the products is also high. Generally the temperature of the exhaust gas is higher about 10 ~ 30 ℃ than the temperature of the material.

Solution: Control the temperature of the exhaust gas. Decrease the temperature of the inlet gas or increase the discharging liquid to built a balance. Ensure the normal temperature of the products.

Reason3: Materials make repeated movement in the dryer. Their drying time is too long, resulting in products overheated.

Solution: Control the speed and volume of the gas, and eliminate materials make repeated movement in the body of the dryer.

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