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Safe Operating Rules of Sand Dryer

Jul 17 2014

Sand dryer is a common drying machine used in powder mortar production line. Since fire and electric these dangerous things are all used in sand dryer, its operators should know the safe operating rules of sand dryer. I will introduce you several tips of sand dryer’s safe operation:

1. Do not touch the electrical equipment of the dryer, unless you are a electrical or related professional operator.

2. Wires used to transport power must be properly installed. Wires should not have any places exposed outside.

3. Ensure that the insulation of the motor is good. There should be a cover on motor’s wiring board to avoid directly contacting.

4. Operators are forbidden to work after drinking, or drinking when they are still on duty. They should keep a good mental sate when they are on duty.

5. When maintain equipment at night, you must use a light and its voltage must not more than 36 volts. Light with 220 volts is forbidden.

6. When you are inspecting the sand dryer, you should put a board before the equipment and says “in inspection, don’t start".

7. Before starting a sand dryer, you must contact the related person. No start without permit.

8. The important handles should have the reliable locking devices. Coaxial handle should be obviously different in their length.

9. Operations must wear helmets, high temperature resistant shoes, gloves, and masks during working.

10. Footswitch should have a cover on it to avoid the falling parts and components wounding people.

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