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The Maintenance of the Jaw Crusher’s Thrust Plate

Jul 19 2014

Jaw crusher’s thrust plate is also known as toggle plate. It plays an important role of power transmission, discharge port adjustment, and element insurance in the jaw crusher. However, the thrust plate may be worn or broken during working. So let’s learn the maintenance of the jaw crusher’s thrust plate in the following part:

The maintenance of the plate head and plate holder

The thrust plate is installed under the body of the jaw crusher, so it is difficult to protect it during working. And when the lubrication between the thrust plate and liner plate is poor, the wearing of the thrust plate will be more serious, especially its plate head and plate holder. The worn plate head and plate holder can be restored by welding, spraying paint, brush plating, and other methods.

The maintenance of the fractured thrust plate

Jaw crusher’s thrust plate is generally made of cast iron, and the thrust plate’s holder is mainly made of cast steel or cast iron’s variant. Jaw crusher’s thrust plate has two structures: assembly type and integral type. For the assembly type thrust plate, if it is broken, it can not be repair and should be replaced be a new one; while for the integral type thrust plate, if it is broken, it just need to replace the scrapped plate head to save metal.

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