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The Application of the Coal Slime Dried by Coal Slime Dryer

Jul 21 2014

Coal slime, as the byproduct of dressing process, is difficult to be reused because of its fine grain size, strong water holding and much ash and clay containing. But coal slime dryer changed this situation. Coal slime dryer can dry materials with 20%~30% water to 12% or less. The coal slime has the following application after being dried by the coal slime dryer.

As raw materials

Coal slime after being dried by the coal slime dryer can be processed into coal briquette, and used in industries and people’s lives; It can also be used for firing kaolin, and making hollow bricks, etc.; In addition, the coal slime that contains certain ingredients can be used as chemical raw materials.

As fuels

It can be directly used as fuel, such as, electricity generation, bricks production, briquette, cement, and lime production.

As additives

It can be used as additive in the brick production plant to improve the hardness and compressive strength of brick; and add it in cement material to improve the performance of cement.

Coal slime industry is small investment and big return. Coal slime dryer is the key equipment in the process of coal slime. So if you want to do coal slime business, have a high performance coal slime dryer first.

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