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The Installation and Commissioning of the Coal Slime Dryer

Jul 21 2014

If you bought coal slime dryer, the first thing you should do is to install it. This article describes the installation and commissioning of the coal slime dryer:

1. Coal slime dryer is a kind of equipment with large volume and heavy weight. So it must be installed on the ground by the concrete and fixed by anchor bolts.

2. It must keep vertical with the horizontal plane to avoid waggling during working and affecting drying effect and its service life.

3. Read the instruction manual carefully before installation, and then install every detail parts follow the instructions.

4. After installation, check every part of the mounting bolts to see whether they are loose or not, and check the door of the host to if it is tight. If they are not, tighten them.

5. Configure the power cord and switch for the coal slime dryer according to the power requirement of device.

7. After commissioning, tighten all the screws and links, and complement the lubricating oil. Then you can try it with materials.

After the test run again screwed tight end slime dryer all connecting bolts, check and top up oil, load test can be carried out after the trial moving turn properly.

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