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The Application of Coal Slime Dryer

Jul 21 2014

Coal slime dryer has a very wide application because of its large production capacity, strong overload capacity, low energy consumption, stable performance, convenient operation, and etc. Now, let’s explain the application of coal slime dryer in detail.

Coal mining industry

In the coal mining process, besides raw coal and coal stone, there are large amount of coal slime, coal sand, coal slag and so on, which is useless. But it is a pity to throw them. Fortunately, they can turn into treasure from waste after drying by coal slime dryer. They can be used directly as high energy fuels after drying. Therefore, coal slime dryer is the key equipment to produce coal slime, raw coal, flotation coal, mixed coal and other materials.

Building material production industry

In the construction industry, many materials who have similar characteristics with the coal slime can also be dried by coal slime dryer, such as clay, bentonite, quartz grains, limestone, blast furnace slag, slag, and etc.

Ore beneficiation industry

In the mineral industry, there are slag, tailings and wastes as in coal mine. We can also use coal slime dryer to process them. It not only can reduce the pollution of the environment, but also can efficiently use of resources.

Chemical industry

In addition, coal slime dryer can also be used for .drying non-heat-sensitive materials in the chemical industry,

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