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Four Measures to Improve the Performance of Sawdust Dryer

Jul 21 2014

New sawdust dryer, compared with the old dryer, has been greatly improved in performance. What kinds of specific improvements has the new type sawdust dryer done? This article will introduce you four measures to improve the performance of sawdust dryer.

Add central X-shaped lifting plate

Add 3-5 groups of lifting plates from the center of the dryer to its head. Each group has six X-shaped lifting plates, and each lifting plate has 0.5-1m distance. Lifting plates must not be set near the head of the machine. Lifting plates can prolong materials stay time, improve heat exchanging efficiency, and reduce the loss of the hot gas.

Improve the angular of feeding plate

Raise the height of a cylinder as possible as you can as long as do not affect the feeding. After raising the height of the material discharging tube, the hot gas can flow smoothly and the tube can be protect from burning.

Improve the feeding screw blades

Change the blades of screw conveyor to triangular steel plates, so that the speed of materials can be slow down in the hot gas, they can get more heat, and be dried faster. At the same time, such change can lower the temperature of the dryer’s front-end to protect the cylinder and tail ring from burning. The triangular steel plate can be made of 6mm thick still plate. The height of the short right-angle side is the same with the height of the feeding circle. The length of the long right-angle side is 800mm.

Improve the L-shaped lifting plate in the rear of the machine

Set Vertical 90 degrees of L-shaped lifting plates at the 1/3 length of the cylinder, and weld it with 30, 90, and 120 degree angle around it. After these improvements, when sawdust is rotating, the distribution area of the lifting material is larger at different height, and the heat exchanging efficiency is higher.

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