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How to Reduce the Consumption of Jaw Crusher’s Tooth Plate

Jul 22 2014

Jaw crusher’s tooth plate directly contacts with the material in the production, so it is often badly worn. The consumption of tooth plate affects the entire cost of the crushing. I summarize several ways to reduce the consumption of jaw crusher’s tooth plate to avoid frequent replacement of tooth plate and reduce the production costs.

1. Reduce the beveled angles of the two ends of the fixed tooth plate, so that the maximum angle at the inlet of the crushing chamber is smaller than the slip angle of materials to reduce the material rebound phenomenon. Reduce the average nip angle of the crushing chamber, so that the feeding and discharging speed are increased, which not only reduces the loss of the tooth plate but also improves the processing capacity.

2. According to the analysis of the consumption of jaw crusher’s tooth plate, the main wearing part of the jaw crusher’s tooth plate is concentrated below the centerline of the fixed plate, and the parts above it is slightly worn. If replace a new one after wear, it is a little piece of waste. Therefore, to ensure the crushing efficiency, improve the tooth plate by two-body structure. When the lower tooth plate is badly worn, you can just replace the lower part, which can save materials and production costs.

3. The worn tooth plate is almost planed. After studying, we find that the thickness of the original tooth plate is too thick, and it is a waste of material. But, the total thickness of the tooth plate can not be thinned due to structural constraints, thus we empty the bottom of the tooth plates, which not only reduces the weight of the tooth plate, but also can not affect the service life of the tooth plate.

4. According to the crushing effect affected by the materials, the crushing effect of triangular teeth is the best. But its stress distribution is large, so it is easily damaged. While the intensity of the arc-shaped tooth is strong, and its stress distribution is smaller, its service life is long. We can combine the advantages of the tow designs, and make the tooth plate into trapezoidal tooth. Such design not only improves the crushing effect of materials, but also prolongs the service life of the tooth plate, and reduces the production cost.

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