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The Improvement of the Jaw Crusher’s Chamber

Jul 22 2014

With precise description of a mathematical model of the crushing process, the improvement of the jaw crusher’s chamber has been rapidly development. It is more and more suitable to break materials, which improves the overall performance of the jaw crusher.

The optimal design methods

The optimal design of jaw crusher’s chamber can use the methods of layered optimization, optimize layer by layer, or multilayer comprehensive optimization. Of course, you can combine the two methods. Use the multilayer comprehensive optimization to get the angles of the fixed and movable jaw plate, and then use the method of layered optimization.

Factors considered in the improvement

1. When you study the actual moving state of the materials, you must fully consider the complex swing characteristics the movable jaw plate. For example, during the movable jaw plate’s tooth surface comes back to the limit open position from the limit closed position, are the materials in this section is falling down, or the materials’ state relates to the state of the jaw plate’s movement?

2. When the movable jaw plate’s tooth surface comes back to the limit open position from the limit closed position, the materials in this section are in the state of being crushed. What factors affect their crushing degree? During the crushing and discharging process of the materials, we should consider the moving characteristics of the tooth, the flowing of the materials, and the stress of the materials.

The purpose of the improvement

1. Materials enter into the chamber should not beyond the crushing and discharging ability of the jaw crusher. The crushed materials must be discharged form the chamber smoothly to avoid over crushing or blogging.

2. There must be a pallet zone below the chamber, so that materials can distribute on it evenly to promise the equipment’s stable operation.

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