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The Repair of the Jaw Crusher’s Rack

Jul 22 2014

Rack is the supporting device of the jaw crusher. There are two problems that generally appear during the work of the rack: the wear of the connection hole and cracks of the rack. I will expain the two repair methods of the two problems in the following parts:

The repair of the connection hole

Since the vibrating of the jaw crusher is large, the bolt’s thread is easy to be stripped for a long time work, resulting in bolt holes and through-hole wear, such as, anchor (bolt) hole, bearing screw’s hole, spring rod’s rack bearing hole, and etc. If these holes are worn, you should repair them immediately, or the normal production will be affected. Generally, we repair them by welding, for example, increase the thread diameter or increase a welded plate though welding.

The repair of the rack’s cracks

If the jaw crusher’s rack is a composite rack, it generally made by welded profiles or steel castings. Small jaw crusher’s frame is mostly made of cast iron. After long times work, there are always cracks on the local of the jaw crusher’s rack. Cracks are mainly an the casting detect parts or the stress concentrating parts. When you find the cracks, repair them timely to avoid them extending. We can repair the cracks though welding or coal riveting method.

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