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How to Reduce the Weight of Jaw Crusher

Jul 23 2014

AS the continuous development of jaw crusher, reducing its weight to reduce its production costs is one of the jaw crusher’s developing tendency. Next I will explain how to reduce the weight of jaw crusher.

1. Reduce the weight of the jaw crusher’s rack. Rack is accounted for a larger proportion of the whole jaw crusher’s weight, so reducing the weight of the rack can reduce the weight of the jaw crusher. The unreasonable design of the rack is the main reason for its weight, for example, the design of the rack’s stiffener, and the hanging height of the jaw plate. The rack design of jaw crusher should be based on force, after meeting the condition of the strength and stiffness, reduce its weight as possible as we can.

2. Improve the arrangement of the jaw plate’s stiffener. If the design of the stiffener is unreasonable, the strength of the movable jaw plate will be low and its weight will heavy. To meet the requirement of the force and light weight, we can use the variable thickness reinforcement. It means that the head of the jaw plate’s stiffener should be thin, and the farther down should be thick. The whole shape of it is trapezoidal. At the same time, thin the wall between the two bearings of movable jaw plates, which not only can ensure the stiffener’s strength, but also can reduce the weight of the movable jaw plate.

3. Improve the length of the toggle plate. When the length of the toggle plate increases, the lower horizontal stroke of the movable jaw plate also increases, which makes the length of the rack longer, so the weight of the whole machine also increases. But if the toggle plate is too short, it is easy to wear. By comprehensive consideration of the weight, production efficiency, and the service life, the length of the toggle plate should be determined reasonably.

4. Appropriate to reduce the weight of the flywheel. If the motor power decreases, the energy stored in the process of the flywheel moving will decrease, and the inertia of the flywheel required by the jaw plate crushing will also decrease. So we can reduce the weight of the flywheel on the promise that crushing requirement can be met.

5. Optimize other structures. Minimize the weight of the parts by optimizing other structures. For example, optimize the structure of the bearing’s cover, the eccentric gear, and the protecting plate.

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