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The Developing Tendency of Jaw Crusher

Jul 23 2014

In recent years, the international crusher market has undergone great changes, in order to enhance the jaw crusher’s the market competitiveness, the improvement of the performance and adoption of the advanced technology have become the main development tendency of the jaw crusher. The developing tendency of the jaw crusher is mainly focused on the following aspects.

1. The more advanced technology. In order to improve the technical level of jaw crusher, shorten the gap in the jaw crusher development and production, we must abandon design mode of copying or only depending on experience. We should develop our design theory and innovate continuously to improve our jaw crusher technology standard.

2. The more perfect working performance. In order to improve the crushing efficiency of the jaw crusher, the double-action jaw jaw crusher came into being. There is no fixed jaw in this type jaw crusher, but add a pair of gear at the end of its eccentric shaft. at one end, so that the movable jaw make sync movement; In order to simplify the jaw crusher’s architecture, the single-axis inverted hanging double-action jaw jaw crusher is designed. Its production capacity is increased by increasing the rotating speed. Due to the movable jaw synchronous transmission, the wear of the tooth plate is reduced, the service life of the tooth plate is prolonged, and at the same time, its production cost is reduced.

3. The high reliability and quality. To improve the reliability of the jaw crusher, we should strengthen the finite element analysis of the crusher’s frame, movable jaw and other major components. As the development of the crushing theory, the advanced theoretical results can be applied to the jaw crusher’s design, and optimize the jaw crusher’s components continuously by means of computer technology. For example, in order to improve the fatigue resistance and reliability of the frame, the frame adopts the design of no welding frame. And in order to improve the reliability and quality of the components, the discharge port adopts hydraulic adjustment instead of wedge block adjustment.

4. Reduce the cost of installation and consumption. Many types of the jaw crusher’s weight is too heavy because of unreasonable design and improper casting of movable jaw, resulting in difficulty installation, and high usage cost. So reducing the energy consumption of the jaw crusher is also an important aspect of the jaw crusher’s future development.

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