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The Advantages of Rolling Bearing Used in the Jaw Crusher

Jul 24 2014

At first people think that rolling bearing can not afford the high impact loads of jaw crusher, but as our understanding of jaw crusher’s crushing mechanism and studying of the bearing parameter, we start to use the rolling bearing in jaw crusher. I will introduce you the advantages of rolling bearing used in the jaw crusher in the following parts:

1. As the development of large-scale simple pendulum jaw crusher, it is gradually used for crushing hard rocks. Although jaw crusher’s rotating speed and bearing specification are continuously growing, while the quality and lubrication of the rolling bearing is also improved, so even in a large bearing aperture of 750mm. jaw crusher can still uses the swing rolling bearing.

2. Rolling bearing is particle. Its angle of deviation of the sleeve bore is small, so it can be used for crushing a certain range of deflection and deviation without affecting its service life. What’s more, all parts of rolling bearings have achieved standardized dimensions, which not only is conducive to the work of rolling bearing, but also conducive to change parts of the bearing. So that jaw crusher’s maintenance and repair is easier.

3. The moving friction coefficient of the rolling bearing is small, and its friction is small during working. So that jaw crusher can maintain low power consumption during working. Besides, its starting performance is good.

4. Jaw crusher has a high requirement to the precision of the bearing. Otherwise, if mismatch, it easily leads to the failure of the jaw crusher.

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