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How to Solve the Problem of Jaw Crusher’s Wear?

Jul 25 2014

Due to the nature of jaw crusher, it is inevitable to be worn during working, especially the tooth plate and movable jaw plate. However, How to solve the problem of jaw crusher's wear? Let’s read about the following parts together.

The wear of the tooth plate

Problem: According to the analysis of the wear of the tooth plate, we find that there are many polishing scratches and microcracks caused by the sharp abrasive’s short slide on the surface of the tooth plate. We have made a study on the replaced tooth plates, and we find that wearing parts of the tooth plate are uneven. They are mostly concentrated in the lower side of the tooth plate that is near to the discharge port and at about the location of the 1/2 tooth plate. Only one side of the tooth plate is worn, but we need to replace the entire plate. It is not only a waste of time, but it is a serious waste of materials. However, the wear of the tooth plate makes the discharging work more difficult, and seriously affects the production.

Solve: According to the above problem, we can improve the structure of the tooth plate. Improve the tooth plate into two parts. When the lower part is badly worn, we can turn round and continue to use it, which not only can full use of the resource, but also can save the production costs.

The wear of the jaw plate

Problem: Jaw crusher’s mobile jaw plate empty works at 0-270 degrees, and works with load at 270-360 degrees, which increase the nonproductive power consumption. At he same time, its load dramatic changes, leading to the breaking of the jaw crusher’s movable jaw plate.

Solve: According to the above problem, we built the new type double cavity jaw crusher which can avoid such problem. The double cavity jaw crusher has two pairs of fixed and mobile jaw plates. When the front mobile jaw plate is in the process of empty work, the back mobile jaw plate is working with load. Such improvement can not only reduce the wear of the mobile jaw plate, but also lower the energy consumption.

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