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How to Improve the Strength of the Jaw crusher’s Parts

Jul 25 2014

Improving the strength of the jaw crusher’s parts not only can reduce the wear of the parts and the cost of their replacement, but also can reduce some common faults caused by the wear of parts and lower the production costs. Next we will look at how to improve the strength of jaw crusher’s parts.

The eccentric shaft

The eccentric shaft is one part of the jaw crusher that suffers a much complex force. Through the stress analysis of the eccentric shaft, we know that if increase a bearing in the middle of the eccentric shaft, it will further improve the force and deformation of the eccentric shaft and make the stress distributes more uniform. Or increase the size of the maximum stress part to increase the strength of the eccentric shaft and reduce the its breaking.

The rack

The rack of jaw crusher suffers a big impact load at work, so it must have sufficient strength and stiffness. According to this, we can cast the components in the high stress areas with welded carbon steel, and add reinforcement to increase the stiffness in the height direction to prevent the sidewall bending and vibration when it suffers force. Increase the thickness of the toggle seat’s front plate and back plate and seat and increases four ribs to enhance the strength of the toggle seat.

The jaw plate

The hardness jaw plate’s material is higher, the smaller the deformation of the jaw plate’s surface material. The toughness of jaw plate’s material is better, the better fracture resistance. So materials of jaw palate should be selected high hardness and good toughness materials. Besides, in the manufacturing process, use anti-wear materials to improve the manufacturing quality of jaw plate and to improve its strength. You can also install resistant liner to reduce wear on the surface of the jaw plate.

The main shaft

The main reason that causes the wear of the main shaft is that the stress is too concentrating. To improve the strength of the main shaft, you must firstly reduce the fatigue strength. The suddenly change of the size and shape of the main shaft is the main reason that causes the stress concentration. So we should reduce the suddenly change of the size and shape of the main shaft and make its change more smoothly and evenly by increasing the fillet radius at the transition to reduce the stress concentration and improve the strength of the main shaft.

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