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The Installation of the Jaw Crusher’s Bearing

Jul 25 2014

When you install the jaw crusher, the most important part of the installation is the movable jaw, and the key part of the movable jaw is the bearing, So the bearing is the most important part in the installation of the jaw crusher. I will introduce you the installation of the jaw crusher’s bearing in the following parts.

The preparation work:

Check the bearing and see whether there is corrosion or not. Measure the radial clearance and bore size of the bearing and see whether they can the requirements or not. Keep the bearing clean. If it needs to be cleaned up, clean it by a neutral detergent, such as water-free diesel or kerosene.

The installation methods:

As the bearing’s journal interference is too big, it is difficult to install it with the normal press-fit method, and it must be installed by the hot method. That is heating the bearing to 100°C until the shaft hole size swells to more than the journal, and then installing it.

The installation precautions:

When you install the jaw crusher’s bearings, if the journal or shaft hole is not enough, do not grind them by grinding wheel. Because the grinding wheel would break the shaft’s or hole’s roundness and affect the bearing’s assembly accuracy.

The inspections after installation:

Seriously speaking, you should inspect the bearing’s radial clearance by feeler gauge when the bearing is completely cooled. If the clearance is too small or no backlash, we must find the cause, or even remove the bearing and re-install it. If the clearance is appropriate, then grease to ensure good lubrication of the bearings.

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