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The Thermal Installation Tips of the Jaw Crusher’s Bearings

Jul 25 2014

The thermal installation method is a common used way for the jaw crusher’s bearing. The theory it used is expansion on heating and contraction on cooling. What should you pay attention to when you install the jaw crusher’s bearing with the thermal method? Let’s have a discussion in the following parts:

1. Adopt oil bath heating, when you heat for bearings. Because bearings are precision components, its outer ring and roller have been hardened, and their hardness is very high. If you use firewood or gas welding heating or baking for bearings, they may deform or crack because of unevenly heating. What’s worse, the hardness of the hardening parts may reduce. Use oil bath heating for them can ensure the uniform heating and avoid parts annealing to prolong the service life of the jaw crusher’s bearings.

2. The oil bath heating does not mean that cooking bearing in the oil, but means that put the bearing in the oil and raise the bottom of the bearing where is near to the oil drum. You can hang the bearing with a hook to prevent impurities from entering or uneven heating.

3. When you heat the bearing, you must control the temperature of the oil. The temperature should not beyond 100 degree. You can use infrared thermometer to measure the oil temperature. Generally speaking, the temperature of the oil is equal to the temperature of the bearing. According to the experience, you also can spit to the outer ring of the bearing. If the saliva bubbles and is quickly evaporated, then the temperature of the bearing have reached the requirement.

4. After oil bath heating, you must quickly take the bearing out of the oil and install it. Tighten the bearing after it is cool, or the bearing’s inner end and the shaft’s shoulder may not fit tightly.

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