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Processing Requirements of the Jaw Crusher’s Main Components

Jul 26 2014

When produce the jaw crusher’s components, you should follow the three requirements: make them according to the blueprint, the processing skill, and the standard. Besides, jaw crusher is big and heavy, so be careful during installation. Next I will introduce you the processing requirement of the jaw crusher’s main components.

1. The processing requirement of the eccentric shaft: The eccentric shaft is a core part of a jaw crusher, so you must carefully read the drawings and distinguish the dimensional tolerances and the geometric tolerances to keep the center of rotation and the eccentric axis parallel. Besides, no matter you use 45 steel or alloy steel, you must control well the temperature during heating treatment.

2. The processing requirement of the rack: Note the concentricity of the two bearing bores and ensure it is within the standard tolerance range. Besides, the center line of the two holes should be parallel to the connecting wall of the fixed tooth plate and the front wall, and at the same time be parallel to the binding face of the adjusting pads and the bearings.

3. The processing requirement of the mobile jaw: The concentricity of the two bearing bores must meet the requirement. Ensure the centerline of the two holes is parallel to the centerline of the toggle plate’s slots, and be parallel to the connecting surface of the mobile tooth plates.

4. The processing requirement of the flywheel: in order to ensure the smoothly running of the jaw crusher’s flywheel, keep the shaft hole and the cylindrical surface coaxial. The size of the flywheel’s excircle and fillet must be even, and the weight biased is not allowed to avoid affecting the service life of the flywheel.

5. The processing requirement of the toggle plate: Although the structure of the toggle plate is simple, it plays an important role in the jaw crusher. The surfaces of the two toggle plate’s ends are all friction surfaces. The two surfaces must be parallel no matter process them or not. Besides, the strength of the toggle plate must reach the requirement of the drawings.

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