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How to Judge the Bearing Fault of the Jaw Crusher

Jul 26 2014

Bearing is an important component of jaw crusher. The performance of the bearing affects the performance of the whole equipment. However it is easy to over-heat in the production of the bearing, which may lead to the bearing locking and affects the normal production. In the actual production, we usually do not know the bearing is wrong and continue to use it, greatly shortening the service life of the bearing. This article will tell you how to judge the bearing fault of the jaw crusher, and help you to find the bearing fault immediately.

1. Touching: Touching is the simplest method to find the bearing fault. The specific methods of operation are as follows: touch the cover of the bearing with your hand and feel whether it is too hot or not. If you feel hot, then the temperature of the bearing is too high, and there must be faults occurred on the bearing. When you touch the cover, you should be careful or you will get your hand burnt.

2. Inspection on the basis of you experience: This inspection method must be operated by experienced people. The specific operation is that: Listen the equipment during operation and see whether you can hear the abnormal vibrating noise of the bearing or not. If you can, there must be faults in bearing.

3. Sampling analysis: Open the sealing ring of the bearing. Sample some lubricant of the bearing and analyze the degree of pollution. Besides, check the lubricant and see whether there are foreign matters or metal shavings mixed in it or not. If the lubricant is polluted seriously, then the bearing must has some problems.

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