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How to Position the Bearing of the Jaw Crusher

Jul 26 2014

Jaw crusher has a serious requirement to the position of the bearing. The bearing and the components of the bearing must have their correct positions to avoid the relative motion of the components and affect the normal operation of the equipment. I will introduce you how to position the bearing of the jaw crusher in the following parts:

How to position the movable jaw plate’s bearing?

The inside of the mobile jaw plate’s inner ring is positioned by the shaft shoulder. And its outside is positioned by the sealing cover and the rack with a tight screw nut. The outside of the jaw crusher plate’s outer ring is also positioned by the sealing cover, abut its inside is not fixed by anything.

How to position the rack’s bearing?

The inside of the crack’s inner ring is positioned by the eccentric shaft’s sealing cover. So it can rotate with the shaft and will not generate heat because of the relative rotation. Its outside is positioned by the withdrawal sleeve. The driving end of crack’s outer ring is fixed by the sealing cover or shaft seat. And the other end is free. So the eccentric shaft can stretch because of heating.

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