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How to Select Materials for Jaw Crusher’s Tooth Plate

Jul 26 2014

Jaw crusher’s tooth plate and the materials often directly impact and strike. So it is worn and torn very heavily during production. That is why the material selection of the jaw crusher’s tooth plate is very important. Let’s discuss it in the following parts.

1. The applicable period of bad tooth plate is very short, so it need frequent replacement, which only adds the production cost, but also reduces the yield. Therefore, we must choose durable and high-quality materials for the tooth plate. Different broken materials should be equipped with different materials of tooth plates. When the tooth plate is used for crushing hard materials, it own also should be hard.

2, Jaw crusher’s crushing intensity is very big when it impact with the materials, especially for crushing the large hard materials. So the screw of the tooth plate is easy to loose, resulting in the heavy wear of the tooth plate. More serious, the tooth plate will break. Therefore, when the jaw crusher is used for crushing large and hard materials, the material of its tooth plate must be selected the hard and tough one.

3. Jaw crusher’s tooth plate suffers plastic wear and cutting wear in the use of it, so its material must be with high hardness. At the same time, it should be tough to reduce the wear of it.

4. In order to save costs and improve the production efficiency, when select tooth plate’s material, you should consider the economic nature, and save production costs with the premise of the production requirement.

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