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The Lubrication Knowledge of the Jaw Crusher’s Bearing

Jul 26 2014

Lubrication is very important to the jaw crusher’s bearing. It can prolong the service life of the bearing. However if the lubrication is not suitable, it not only can not achieve the lubricating effect but waste lubricant. I will introduce you the lubrication knowledge of the jaw crusher’s bearing.

The selection of the lubricant

Since jaw crusher is a kind of low running equipment that suffers heavy load and strong impact, so I generally recommend calcium-based or sodium based grease as the lubricant. The allowed working temperature is between 0-100°C or 0-120°C. And for the rainy and humid south, I recommend calcium-based grease, because sodium grease is soluble in water. While northern temperature is too low, besides sodium grease, you can also choose anti-temperature grease or lithium grease.

The amount of the lubricant

Under normal operating conditions, the replenishment cycle of bearing grease is around 1000-2000h. But the working condition of the jaw crusher is bad, its replenishment cycle is generally a week. It can be shortened to 2-3 days in the special situation. In addition, the refueling should not be too much. Filling 1/2-1/3 of the can is ok. If too much, it will aggravate the heating of the bearing. For example, to a 600 × 900 jaw crusher, the lubricant consumption of its bearing is 80ml per 8h; to a 1200 × 1500 jaw crusher, the lubricant consumption of its bearing is 150ml per 8h.

The temperature of the lubricant

The jaw crusher’s bearing usually can normally working at the temperature of 70°C. However, due to its harsh working environment, especially in south of China, its temperature is very high, and dust is too much, so the working temperature of the bearing can reach about 100 ° C. In such situation, you must strengthen its lubrication.

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