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Cleaning Steps of the Jaw Crusher’s Bearings

Jul 26 2014

Before install the jaw crusher’s nearing, you should firstly clean it. Besides, you also should clean it in the daily maintenance. If there is dust in the bearing, it will affect the lubrication effect of the bearing. So we must gasp the cleaning steps of the jaw crusher’s bearings. I will explain to you one by one in the following parts:

1. Coarsely washing: Coarsely washing refers to that put bearing into oil and wash it with brush to get rid of the lubricant or dust. If you turn the bearings at this moment, you should be careful and do not break the rolling face of the bearing.

2. Fine cleaning: Put the bearing into with diesel, kerosene or other cleaning liquid. And then turn it slowly and brush it with cotton or scrub brush. Whether it is coarse or fine cleaning washing, the cleaning agents should neutral water-free diesel, kerosene, or warm lye. Generally do not use gasoline, because it is fat soluble, which is not only harmful to human health but also could easily lead to a fire. No matter what cleaning agents you use, you must filtrate them frequently to keep them clean.

3. Coating oil: After cleaning, the bearing should be coated a layer of anti-rust oil or grease, and then wait for reinstall.

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