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The Main Parameters of Jaw Crusher

Jul 28 2014

The main parameters of jaw crusher play an important role in the improvement of jaw crusher. In order to improve the equipment’s structure and performance, we generally study and improve the main parameters of jaw crusher. I will introduce you the main parameters of jaw crusher in the following part, and I hope you have a general understanding after reading this article.

1. The nip angle: nip angle is the angle between the mobile jaw and the fixed jaw. Its size is determined by materials and the frication between materials and the surface of the jaws. And it is used to prevent materials from skipping out caused by squeezing. When materials are crushed, they must keep still and neither slip up, nor jump from the ore mouth. In the actual production, jaw crusher’s nip angle is generally between 14 ° ~ 26 °.

2. The swing stroke of the mobile jaw: the swing stroke of the mobile jaw is the most important parameter of the jaw crusher. In theory, the swing stroke of the mobile jaw is determined by the amount of compression that is required by the materials. However, the real swing stroke of the mobile jaw is bigger than the theoretical value because of the deformation of the crushing plate and the gap between the crushing plate and the crack. Its real value is generally determined according to the experience, for example, the range of the big scale jaw crusher is in 25~45mm, while this number of the medium and small scale jaw crusher is 12~15mm.

3. The suspension height of the mobile jaw: the suspension height is the vertical height between the fixed bearing of the crank and the fixed jaw. According to the structure features, the hanging methods of the mobile jaw can be divided into three ways: vertical suspension, zero suspension, and negative suspension.

4. The height of the crushing chamber: If the nip angle is certain, then the height of the crushing chamber is determined by the crushing ratio. Typically, the height of the crushing chamber is 2.25-2.5 times higher than the ore mouth’s.

5. The width and length of the ore mouth: for jaw crusher, the width of the ore mouth is generally the largest feed size of 1.1-1.25 times, and its value is in 231-163mm. Its length is usually 1.5-1.7 longer than its width.

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