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The Belt Driving Device of the Jaw Crusher

Jul 28 2014

Due to the load of the jaw crusher changes greatly in the work. Its flywheel vibrates heavily driven by the load and pulsation. And The distance between the two shafts is far. So we usually choose the belt driving device for the jaw crusher. I will introduce you the belt driving device of the jaw crusher in the following parts:

A simple introduction of the belt driving device

The belt driving device includes a drive pulley, a driven pulley and a ring flexure. According to the different cross-sectional shapes of the belt driving device, it can be divided into flat belt drive, V belt, ribbed belt, round belt drive, and etc. Due to the harsh working condition of the jaw crusher, we generally use the V-belt drive in the jaw crusher. That is because that the driving belt is flexible, and able to absorb a certain degree of impact, so that the jaw crusher can run more smoothly. In addition, belt can slip on the pulley, so that it has a certain overload production capability. It has a low requirement for installation, and can be used to drive a larger center distance.

The structure of the V-shape pulley

V-shape pulley has three types: solid style, belly plate, and orifice plate. It is made of cast iron. If the speed of jaw crusher is quick, it is better to make the pulley by welding stamped steel. If its speed is low, the pulley can be made of cast aluminum.

The design requirement of the V-shape belt wheel

Its structure is perfect. Its weight distributes evenly. It has not too much stress casting. Yhe race should be fine made to reduce the wear of belts. The dimensions and angle of the grooves should maintain a certain accuracy, so that the load is distributed more evenly.

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