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The Installation of the Jaw Crusher’s Main Components

Jul 29 2014

The main components of the jaw crusher are the frame, bearings, the mobile jaw plate, the tooth plate, the toggle plate and so on. The installation of these components is very important. The correctly installation of these components is the first step of the production. I will introduce the installation of the jaw crusher’s main components to you below.

1. The installation of the frame: the horizontal and vertical levelness of the ground and wood that the frame is installed on should comply with the requirements. The foundation of the frame and the base plate must be smooth, uniform and stable. For the detachable frame, its junction surface of the counterparts must be well identical. When install the joint bolts of the frame, you had better use the heating method to make them connect more reliably.

2. The installation of the bearings: Small and medium sized jaw crushers are often used rolling bearings. When install them, you had better use the press machine to press them in slowly. When the bearing is an interference fit with the shaft, the bearings should be heated in the oil to about 90 centigrade, and then install it. For the installed bearings, you should add the lubricating oil to the bearing about 60% of its space.

3. The installation of the movable jaw plate: firstly install the movable jaw, the movable jaw bearing, the movable tooth plate and toggle pad together well, and then hoist them on the frame with a crane. Put the sliding bearing into the frame bearing seat, and then measure the deviation of the slope and concentricity. If it is in the allowable range, then coast lubricant on the surfaces of the bearing and the journal. At last, put the movable jaw in the bearing.

4. The installation of the tooth plate: the motion amplitude of the tooth plate is large in the work, so its contact surface must be flat. You can pad a layer of soft metal gasket between the tooth plate and the frame to ensure a close fit between them. For the large size jaw crusher, you can feed lead, zinc and other metals between the movable jaw and tooth plate, so that they can fit together.

5. The installation of the toggle plate: Firstly pull the toggle plate into the toggle plate seat with a metal a rope, and then release the hoist in your hand, so that the toggle plate and brackets seat can closely contact. After that, install the rod and spring. The toggle plate has been installed well at that time, so you can get rid of the hoist.

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