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How to Prolong the Service Life of the Jaw Crusher’s Jaw

Jul 29 2014

As the jaw crusher jaws wear fast, it greatly limits the efficiency and quality of jaw crusher and increases the input costs. How to prolong the service life of the jaw crusher’s jaw? Let’s discuss it in the following part.

1. Improve the wear resistance of the jaw. Jaw crusher’s jaws directly contact with materials, and the wear jaw plate is chiseling style wear, so jaw crusher has a high wear resistance requirement to jaws. Jaw is generally made of high manganese steel, playing its hardening advantages in production by adjusting the composition of the high manganese steel. After conventional water toughening treatment, jaws usually are hardened by precipitation. So its wear resistance can be improved 50% more than the conventional water treatment jaw, which can improve the wear resistance of the jaw, and prolong the service life of jaw.

2. Optimize the structure of the jaw. Jaw is the major crushing part of a jaw crusher. We can make the movable jaw and fixed jaw with several parts, so that makes the repair and replacement more convenient and reduce the production costs. Due to the breaking of the jaw is worn unevenly in the work, the lower is worm more seriously than the upper. So jaws are made of the upper and lower a symmetrical structure, when the lower is worn, you can turn the upper around and continue to use, which can prolong the using life of the jaw and reduce the production costs.

3. Reduce the impact of materials. During the crushing process, materials are sandwiched between the two jaw plates, and the movable jaw does periodic reciprocating motion to the fixed jaw. Materials are crushed by the squeezing of the jaws and are discharged through the discharging port because of their own gravity. If the raw materials are too large or hard, they will make the jaws worn. So before crushing the large and hard materials, firstly blast these materials and set the slow flow device to reduce the impact to jaws and prolong the service life of the jaws.

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