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Three Tips of the Material Feeding for Jaw Crusher

Jul 29 2014

Only correct operation and meticulously maintained can prolong the service life of the jaw crusher, including feeding. So this article will introduce you three tips of the material feeding for jaw crusher below. I hope you can known the correct feeding methods after reading this article.

1. Jaw crusher must be unloaded start. After it runs for some time until it is normal, you can feed. The amount of the feeding must be gradually increased until the crusher is full. The feeding must be even and the amount is not allowed too large. And the feed should not be more than 0.85 times as wide as the crusher’s mouth.

2. During feeding, the non-broken materials are seriously not allowed to enter into the jaw crusher. Once you find the non-broken materials enter into the machine and be discharge for the crusher’s mouth, you should immediately notify the belt transport operator to get them out promptly to avoid them entering into the crushing chamber. If feed too many and make the jaw crusher clogging, you should stop feeding until the materials in the crushing chamber have finished crushing. In this period, maintain the normal operation of the device as far as possible.

3. When the jaw crusher parks, the parking must be carried out in accordance with the order of the production process. Firstly stop feeding. Secondly stop crushing until materials in the crushing chamber have been crushed. At last, stop the motor. If there is a sudden failure resulting in a emergency stop, you should deal with the fault as soon as possible, and then clean the material backlog of the crushing chamber before driving operation.

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