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The Eccentric Shaft of Jaw Crusher

Jul 29 2014

The eccentric shaft of jaw crusher is used to transmit torque and make the equipment rotating in jaw crusher. So it should not only bear bending load but also transfer torque in operating. There is a strictly requirement to the material and design of the eccentric shaft. I will answer this question below:

Materials used in the eccentric shaft making

The main materials used in making eccentric shaft are carbon steel and alloy steel. Carbon steel is much cheaper than alloy steel, and has a less sensitivity to stress concentration. The most common carbon steel used in eccentric shaft is 45 steel. Alloy still has a high mechanical strength, good hardenability. It can be used in the jaw crusher that is required to transmit big power and to improve the wear resistance of the shaft.

Since the eccentric bearing of jaw crusher need to bear tremendous force by moment, so the material used to make it must have high strength, toughness and wear resistance. At present, it is mainly made of high carbon steel. In order to ensure its mechanical properties, it is often quenched and tempered. And it is treated with a heat treatment process to improve the strength toughness and wear resistance of the eccentric shaft.

The basic designing requirement of the eccentric shaft

The eccentric shaft of jaw crusher is a rotating shaft to transmit torque. The structure of its supporting point is eccentric structure. According to a pre-established program of the structure, determine a set of diameter, and make it meet the requirements of strength and stiffness, only this can ensure meet the reliability requirement. For jaw crusher, the eccentric shaft should have some vibrating stability.

Except for the working ability and design calculation, the structure of the eccentric shaft also should meet some requirement, for example, the eccentric shaft’s parts are not allowed to axially move on the shaft. They must have ensured positions on the shaft. To transmit torque, the eccentric shaft’s parts must be fixed in the circumferential direction.

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