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Reasons for the Uneven Discharging of the Jaw Crusher

Jul 29 2014

Jaw crusher is widely used in the world for its excellent performance, but there will be some flaws in production, for example, non-uniform particle size after crushing. There must be reasons for this. So we need to know reasons for the uneven discharging of the jaw crusher, and then find them and eliminate them, to recover normal production.

Material clogging in crushing chamber

1. Put too much materials into the jaw crusher a time, the crushed material is too hard or its grain size exceeds the specified feeding range of jaw crusher, resulting in that materials are discharged without crushing, so that materials clog in the crushing chamber, and their discharging particle sizes are too large.

2. If the moisture content of materials is too much, when they are put into the jaw crusher, they will adhere together and even attach to the inner wall of the crushing camber, leading to material blocking. So the crushing effect of materials is bed and their particle sizes are too large.

3. The discharging port of the jaw crusher is not adjusted well, which causes that the crushed materials can not be discharged immediately, but are stuck in the crushing chamber. The stuck materials affect the normal crushing of the later entering materials. So the particle sizes of the later materials are too big.

Component wear

1. Jaw crusher’s main parts are worn, which impact the crushing effect of materials. For example, if the movable jaw and bearing are worn, the gap between them will become too large, and the outer ring of bearing will relatively rotate, resulting in the large particle sizes of the crushed materials.

2. If the movable jaw crusher changes its place during work, it will be harmful to the crushing effect of the materials, and lead to the large particle sizes of the crushed materials.

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