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The Loosing Phenomenon of the Jaw Crusher’s Liner

Jul 29 2014

To reduce the wear of the jaw crusher’s jaw, we usually install a liner between the movable jaw and fixed jaw. The performance of the liner directly affects the working performance of the jaw crusher. However, the liner often looses during work, so this article will introduce you the loosing phenmenon of the jaw crusher’s liner. It mainly introduces you the reasons and solutions of the loosing liner.

Reasons for the liner’s loosing

During the crushing process, liner directly contacts with materials. Since the peak crushing force of jaw crusher is big, especially for crushing the hard materials, the nut of the liner is easy to loose because of vibrating. The liner will be worn and the machine will produce laud noise, and more serious, the liner will be broken off directly or fall down. Therefore, we must avoid the loosening phenomenon of the liner.

Solutions to the liner’s loosing

1. When install the liner, ensure that the liner is parallel with the jaw, and put soft metals cushion between the liner and the jaw to reduce vibration and loosing of the liner at work.

2. Use the spring device to reduce the vibration and loosing. Make an anti-loosening and self-tightening device with springs. It is composited with the spring inside gland, springs, and the spring outer gland. Put this device be worn on the bolt and then tighten the nut. When the spring is pressed to a certain extent by the nut, it can produce a strong vibration damping effect, which can make the bolt more stable and reduce the loosing phenomenon of the liner.

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