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The Stress Analysis of the Jaw Crusher’s Jaw Plate

Jul 31 2014

Jaw crusher’s jaw plate is the main force suffering component of the jaw crusher. It is constantly pressed impacted and grinded by the materials during work. So it is gradually worn, which leads to the large particle size of the outlet material, and seriously affects the production quality. Basis on the movement analysis of the jaw and the material flowing characteristics in the crushing cavity, I will introduce you the stress analysis of the jaw crusher’s jaw plate and its improvement in the following parts.

The stress analysis

In the process of crushing, the movement of the materials seems simple but actually very complex. According to the movement analysis, the movable jaw firstly moves upward and then moves downward in the vertical direction. So we can analyze its movement form its two movement directions. When the movable jaw moves upward, the materials and the fixed jaw plates make the relative slid first; and when the movable jaw plate moves downward, the materials and the movable jaw make slide first.

The improvement of the force situation

According to the force analysis of the jaw plate, the wear of the jaw plate is mainly formed because the press and slide between materials and jaw plate. To reduce the wear of the jaw plate and the sooth discharge of the materials, we can adopt the curve type crushing chamber to reduce material clogging. At the same time, make the liner of the crushing chamber into circular curve shape, and reasonably decide the height of the crushing chamber to improve the moving characteristic of the movable jaw and reduce the wear of the jaw.

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