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Improvements of the Jaw Crusher’s Jaw Plate

Jul 31 2014

Jaw plate is one of the important parts of the jaw crusher. It bears a larger impact by load in production. In order to reduce its wear and prolong its service life, we make some improvements of the jaw crusher’s jaw plate. Now let’s discuss it below.

Increase the impact resistance of the jaw crusher’s jaw plate.

1. To increase the thrust surface and the pressing force of the jaw plate, change the inclined hole bolt fixed way into the straight holes bolt fixed way. After improving, the jaw plate will not come loose during operating.

2. Reduce the height of jaw plate’s squeezing surface to improve the jaw’s anti-extrusion strength and impact resistance and the economic efficiency of enterprises, and at the same time, reduce the wear of the jaw.

Make the structure of the jaw crusher’s jaw plate more compact.

1. Reduce the size of the upper jaw’s black to simply the equipment’s working process, and at the same time, reduce the materials and save the cost of the production.

2. Increase the thickness of the jaw plate’s impacted site, which effectively avoids the deformation of jaw plate’s shaft, and reduces the damage to the components.

Improve the wear resistance of the jaw crusher’s jaw plate.

The material used in the traditional jaw crusher’s jaw is Q235. Now it is made of ZGMn13 which contents ZGMn13 manganese more than 11%. Its toughness is good and it has a work hardening characteristic. Its surface is constantly be strengthened with the pressure until it is worn to scrap. Such improvement increase the strength wear resistance and toughness of the jaw plate.

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