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How to Make the Maintenance of the Jaw Crusher More Convenient?

Jul 31 2014

When the components of the jaw crusher go wrong, they generally need to be repaired or replaced. However, the replacement of some components is really very difficult and complicated. How to make the maintenance of the jaw crusher more convenient? Our company has studied this problem for a long time. The experts of our company will give you some suggestions of this problem below.

1. The unitary stand is directly bolted to the rear of the jaw crusher’s frame, and the motor id installed on the stand. The thickness of the stand’s seat plate is 16mm, which is fixed through Φ30mm rod. So the its installation and maintenance are more convenient.

2. The thickness of the traditional jaw crusher’s toggle plate is 55mm. But the thickness of jaw crusher’s toggle plate produced by our company is 16mm. Its weight is reduced, which make the maintenance of the toggle plate more convenient.

3. We have the special tools for the jaw crusher. Such set of tools make the maintenance of the jaw crusher much easier. For example, use the bolt with special ratchet handle, it can directly rotate without another bolt. The special tools are very convenient.

4. Our operation instruction is very detailed. It explains the safety, installation, and start-up clearly for every accessory. And it has detailed exposition of the various components’ weight and size. Besides, it also explains the belt’s tensioning methods, protective measures, transportation, driving mode, and so on to meet user’s various requirement.

5. Each jaw crusher is equipped with an electrical control system. There is the cumulative operating time of the device on the cabinet. Operators can periodic add lubricant to the equipment and replace the wearing parts according to the cumulative operating time of the device. There is a lock on the control cabinet. When the operator repair or maintain the equipment, he can locks the control cabinet so than others can no start the machine to ensure the maintenance personal safety.

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