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The Operating Order of the Jaw Crusher

Jul 31 2014

The startup and stopping order of the jaw crusher are contrary. If the operation is incorrect, it may damage the jaw crusher. Let’s discuss the operating order of the jaw crusher in the following part:

1. Before the first use of the jaw crusher, the equipment must be tested without load and with load. During the commissioning, the operator must pay attention to the equipment’s operating. After there is no problems in the jaw crusher and its bearing’s temperature is stable, the operator can stop testing and to crush materials.

2. When you start the jaw crusher, you should firstly start the materials belt conveyor and lube oil pump. During this process, you should pay attention to the meter on the controlling panel. The starting peak current is usually quiet 30 ~ 40s, and then drops to the normal operating current. In the normal operation, you should still pay attention to indicators of the ammeter, the current value should not be longer than prescribed value, or the ammeter is easy to be burnt.

3. After the operating is normal, feed materials to the crushing chamber, and adjust the feeding speed according the size of the materials and the operating of the equipment. Adjust the rotating speed to control the feeding amount. If the size of the material is large and there are many raw materials in the crushing chamber, then you should slow down the feeding speed. The height of the materials generally can not beyond the 2/3 height of the crushing chamber. For small and medium sized jaw crusher, the material height can not beyond 80% of the height of the crushing chamber.

4. When stop the jaw crusher, firstly stop feeding. And then stop the equipment until the materials in the crushing chamber are crushed completely. Finally, stop the lubricating oil pump and the conveyor. After stopping, do shift records. And then clean up the production site.

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