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The Analysis of the Jaw Crusher’s Dust Pollution

Aug 02 2014

There will be inevitable dust pollution during the crushing process of the jaw crusher. To ensure the health of the operators, we often spray the dust or breath the dust away. However, the effect of these two methods is not good. I will introduce you the analysis of the jaw crusher’s dust pollution in the following parts. And I will mainly introduce you the reasons of the duct pollution and the improvement measures to avoid it.

The analysis of the dust pollution

1. The amount and density of the dust pollution produced by the jaw crusher are big during its work. But the dust collector can not effectively put away the dust because it is far away from the jaw crusher.

2. The effect dust suppression by spraying is not good. Because the water pressure of the spraying mouth is low and the number of the spraying mouth is few.

3. There is no anti-dust device of the rear crushing chamber. So there may be 25% dusts that can not be collected, resulting in the serious diffusing of the dusts.

The improvement measure

During the work of the jaw crusher, the amount of the dusts has a close relationship with the number of the passing ores and the crushing efficiency of the jaw crusher. So to reduce the dust pollution of the jaw crusher, we must do it from the following two aspects: on one hand, improve the structure of the jaw crusher, for example control the spread of the dust, and improve the performance of the precipitator. On the other hand, select a reasonable production line, for example, reduce material screening and feeding height, choose a good sealing performance transporting machine, and etc.

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